• Home Decor Tips Caribbean Edition 3 Tips for Caribbean Style Home Decor

    3 Tips for Caribbean Style Home Decor

    My family hails from the Caribbean. My mom is from Jamaica and my dad from Trinidad, which makes me a first generation Yardie. Whenever I go to the islands, I never fail to be enchanted by the colorful homes nestled in the hills; it’s a veritable tropical paradise of pinks, greens, yellows, reds and blues. If you are looking to do some renovations or just make some minor changes to your home, these three tips will help you achieve a Caribbean aesthetic.

    1.) Tile: a beautiful tile is essential for a Caribbean aesthetic. One benefit of tile is its ability to regulate the temperature in your home as it has an uncanny ability to resist heat. Furthermore, tile is easy to clean and maintain. A colorful tile can have a variety of applications in the home, such as a backsplash in your kitchen, on your floor, or your shower. If you are averse to the cost of installation or you just want to ball on a budget, peel and stick is the way to go. A peel and stick tile is very easy to install and quite inexpensive

    2.) Simplicity: Unlike a Bohemian aesthetic, Caribbean homes blend simplicity with colorful patterns and hues. Neutral tones are complemented with rich patterns and homely accents. Having a clean look with an accent will bringing you closer to a Caribbean aesthetic. If you’re looking for some pillows to help give you that pop of color, check out ours. Any of the styles would work well to help you achieve this aesthetic.

    3.) Wood: The secret to any Caribbean home is wood. Dark, deep brown, mahogany-colored woods to be exact. They give the home a vintage feel, and there are a couple of ways to employ wood. If you are considering renovating your kitchen/ bathroom but on a budget this is for you. If your cabinets are made from wood, you can simply sand down your cabinets and apply a darker, richer wood finish. If your cabinets are plastic, you can paint them a beautiful mahogany brown. If you are thinking of remodeling your floors, you can apply the same technique. Either replace your floors with some beautiful mahogany planks or sand the floors and apply a new finish.

    And there you have it. If you have your own suggestions or questions, feel free to comment below!

  • Shelby Insecurity, Aisle 13. A Reflection of Adolescent Fashion Woes.

    Insecurity, Aisle 13. A Reflection of Adolescent Fashion Woes.

    When I think about how and why my style developed, I can trace it back to the time in my life when I had to become aware of how I can use clothes to hide my body or make it seen.
    I was always a slim kid. I was active in sports and dance; all of which I had potential in, but no genuine desire to be better than average. This resulted in a slender, childlike body. Until, I had a complete transformation in the unfortunate time span of about a year; leaving me, like many pre-teen girls feeling like puberty did them dirty.

    Going from a pre-pubescent twiggy body to a curvalicious womanly body doesn’t sound that bad, until you remember that it was in the seventh grade, a time when insecurity was as pervasive as the wafting odor of Axe body spray.

    So, why I am I sharing arguably too many details about a non-enjoyable part of my adolescence? Not, because I love re-hashing the feelings of embarrassment and insecurity that I felt at that point in my life. Rather, I think it’s important as women to reflect upon all the times in your life you felt less than beautiful. Why as girls and women, do we allow ourselves to feel like these “growing pains” are something of which we need to feel ashamed.

    I remember that feeling of walking through Hollister or Abercrombie and Fitch (so 2000s, I know) and feeling so out of place. While this clothing sat beautifully on my pre-pubescent peers, I couldn’t even dream of squeezing into an XL, unless it was a baby doll shirt (it was 2007, after all) and at that, my boobs would still be hanging out, which to me, was absolutely mortifying. These stores advertised their clothing with slim, blonde girls who looked great in their clothing, even after puberty…but that wasn’t me.

    It didn’t take long for me to realize that my curviness was not welcomed at teeny bopper stores, meaning that if I wanted to look good, I would have to shop in the women’s section. Admitting that ready or not, I had made the transition from girl to woman. This might possibly account for why I’ve always been a bit mature for my age — I grew to love Gap, Banana Republic, Loft and Artisan Clothing — admiring a business casual look, versus the A&F model to which all my friends aspired. I discovered the key to feeling beautiful was feeling comfortable; something that comes from inner confidence and a wicked outfit.

    In high school and beyond, I developed my own style, which I can best describe as Urban Art Teacher. This means a mix of printed tees, lots of denim, eccentric jewelry and classic boots with the occasional blazer. I think nowadays, there are the same pressures in adolescence to look model-perfect, but I’m happy to say that there has been distinct progress in favor of body positivity and I hope that young girls are feeling this change as well. I think, now more than ever, it’s time to celebrate individuality, something that my dear friend, Noble understands so well, and something that guides all of his work. I think as consumers, it is our job now to support artists and designers who celebrate the uniqueness of you, making clothes and products that make each and everyone of us feel comfortable and beautiful.

    So happy reflecting and happy shopping!

  • Noble Summer 5 Tips to Get Sexy for the Summer!

    5 Tips to Get Sexy for the Summer

    Want to make some changes to boost your sexiness this summer? You’ve come to right place. Let’s get you sizzling!

    1.) Show a little more skin: Some of us are dealing with body insecurities, but let’s be real. It’s too hot for all of that. It’s your body, so own it. Sexiness is not about how much skin you show but it is all about confidence. So I encourage you, put on that outfit you’re too scared to wear because you’re afraid to show your leg scars. Take your shirt off at the beach and own your cellulite. Don’t hide your body, own it.

    2.) Get some colorful clothing: Summer is almost here, so put away those blacks, browns, and greys you’ve been wearing since Winter. Instead, put on that red button up shirt that brings out your skin tone, or that yellow dress that brings out the highlights in your hair. You know what I mean. Give the sun something to reflect off of. Brighter colors are scientifically proven to boost your attractiveness. Go to your closet and put on something with a fun pattern or a pop of color.

    3.) Put on some shades: They say the eyes are the window to the soul. So go get a quality pair of sunglasses to add a hint of mystery and extra sexiness this summer. This tip can even be used for people with resting bitch face. Just be aware that not all sunglasses are made equally. Your shades don’t have to be expensive, hell you’ll probably lose them anyway, but they do have to fit your face. Not too wide or big (unless you’re going for the oversized look). Not to mention, sunglasses can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and that annoying glare from the pool or the beach.

    4.) “Buy” a new cologne/perfume: Smelling good is a great way to boost your summer sexiness. In fact some colognes/perfumes are made specifically summertime use. The heat from your skin and the heat of summer can unlock certain nuances in your cologne/perfume. Find a scent you like and rock it this summer. Don’t spray too much. A puff on your neck and wrists is good enough; or my personal favorite, the spray and walk-through method.

    Too much = headache
    Too Little = what’s the point
    Just Right = Irresistible.

    Secret Tip: Don’t feel like dropping too much dough on your new scent. Keep hopping from one Sephora to the next and pick up samples. A Sephora/ Macy’s in the hood will be happy to oblige.

    5.) Dye your hair: Get some highlights, try a new color, go jet black. Just switch it up. Change can be both fun and sexy. It’s nice to have a bold and daring summer look. I recently dyed my hair a lighter shade of brown and I must admit, I feel sexier already. Before considering this change make sure you hair is healthy enough to proceed.

    Need some personalized style tips? Comment Below.

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  • 3 Tips to Make Your Home POP!

    3 Tips to Make Your Home POP!

    Life moves fast. You’re always on the go: working, socializing, taking out the trash, squeezing in a workout, and generally adult-ing.

    And then you return home for a moment before repeating this cycle all over again. It’s all rather draining. In spite of all that activity, you’re just not feeling energized.

    Stop and look around at your immediate surroundings. Are you filled with inspiration? The space in which you live has a tremendous influence over your mood. Perhaps you’ve missed a trick?

    If you feel your environment could do with an overhaul, here are 3 tips to improve the ambience:

    1.) Wall paint: Are your walls looking a little lackluster? Maybe it’s time you invested in a paint job. You’re worth it. Painting your walls is a great way to make your home a place that energizes you before you go out to tackle your day. Be aware that your color choice will subconsciously affect your mood. For example, warm colors (reds, oranges, yellows) evoke feelings of warmth, comfort, and excitement, while cool colors (blues, greens, purples) promote relaxation, introspection, and calm.

    Accent Colors: An accent is a color that is used in small amounts for effect. If your work or living space is dominated by neutral colors (whites, greys, beige) and painting all your walls is a daunting prospect, using accents can be a great way to add a splash of brightness without overwhelming.

    If you’re not sure which color to pick, pay attention to the way a color makes you feel when you look at it, and if that’s a feeling you want to evoke in your living space. Don’t want to commit to paint? Try adding some items (e.g. pillows, table runners, vases, placemats, coasters, paintings, etc.) that have your selected accent color, and see what effect it has on the space, and your mood.

    2.) Plants: Plants are too often overlooked and underrated. They purify the air, add color, boost your mood and all they ask for in return is a little sunlight and water. You can’t go wrong with plants; most workplaces wouldn’t refuse you a small one on your desk. If you want something super low-maintenance, opt for some succulents or low light plants. For an extra dash of color and luxury, flowers around the home can never look bad.

    3.) Lighting: Light is possibly the most important variable for the mood of a room (you can’t see anything without it after all), and will be the subject of another, dedicated article. There is no one right way to light a room, you just need to make sure the lighting is appropriate for your needs. For example, a study area should be very well lit, while warm lighting should be used to add warmth and familiarity to a home.

    I confess I often overlooked the importance of good lighting in college: one low lamp in the bedroom and I was satisfied. After tweaking the lighting around my home, I feel the difference big time.

    If you’re currently shopping for a home, be sure to pay attention to the amount of natural light entering your home. It can save you in the long run.

    And there you have it. Three simple ways to add a little more zing to your home. Remember, the space you move in matters.

    Be Bold. Be Noble.